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New City Paradise VS Tab City Rawalpindi

Posted by admin on October 31, 2022

New City Paradise is formerly a PHATA- approved casing society with well- known inventors, followed by a successful track record of on- ground development. The New City Developers are erecting this design on the principles of transnational structure development, just like New City Wah.
The high position of New City Paradise was especially chosen to make it largely accessible and good of large- scale investment. It’s located at zero kilometers from GT Road and conterminous to the Burhan Interchange. This position makes it accessible from the areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Islamabad. In other words, the strategic position makes it a profitable investment occasion for investors.
On the other hand, Tab City Rawalpindi isn’t an approved casing society on paper yet. The payment plans are also anticipated to be more precious than New City Paradise. also, it’s only doable for the investors of girding areas, not for the investors from around the country. presently, proper information about the inventors is also not clear, and there’s no similar track record for the so- called inventors of Tab City Rawalpindi.
For any kind of investment queries, CALL US NOW at My Tree and come the proprietor of your dream plot.
Why Should Investors Choose New City Paradise Over Tab City Rawalpindi
Investors must choose to invest in New City Paradise rather than Tab City Rawalpindi. There are several reasons to invest in New City Paradise over Tab City.
Some of the satisfying reasons to choose New City over Tab City are stated below
Proven Track Record of Developers
Investors largely regard the track of inventors. One of the reasons that casing is successful in from the veritably morning is also due to the once development record of the developers. My Tree is a trusted mate of several real estate businesses, and that’s why we advise trusting only good inventors.
Following is the comparison between inventors of both the casing societies
New City Developers
New City Paradise is developed by the inventors of New City Wah. Chaudhry Qamar Zaman is the Chairman, and Chaudry Saad Zaman is the Chief Executive of the whole design. https://mytree.pk/ feels proud to advertise that it has exclusive rights for marketing and dealing the land in New City Paradise.
A largely good platoon of experts is working under the supervision of Saad Zaman to complete the design. The platoon is present on the ground24/7 with state- of- the- art ministry to position land, plot- slice, and other development purposes. A proven track record of fast land development in New City Wah is a testament to the commitment and fidelity of the New City Developers. This position of commitment is what makes them responsible to investors.
Tab City Developers
From the morning, the information of inventors regarding Tab City Rawalpindi is part of difficulties. This largely impacted the worth of the design, with no history record of property development so far. At the moment, the original news about the inventors of Tab City is relatively introductory and will further be offered in important detail.
As per original information, Tab City Rawalpindi will be developed by Tab City inventors. It’s also important to mention that TAB CITY( PRIVATE) LIMITED has been officially incorporated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan( SECP) under Section 16 of Companies Act 2017( XIX of 2017), and the company has been declared limited by share. This corner was achieved on August 24, 2022. Certificate of Incorporation was also granted in this regard.
They’ve committed to constructing the design while icing all the transnational norms of structure development. A number of lights are sharing in the development of Tab City Rawalpindi, including Mr. Taimoor Sultan Awan who’s the CEO of the Company, Mr. Muhammad Yousaf Jamil(Son of notorious Molana Tariq Jamil),Mr. Ghulam Mustafa, and Mr. Ahmad Bilal Malik are the directors & subscribers.
Approved NOC
The No Objection Certificate( NOC) matters a lot for investors when it comes to a profitable investment. Investors also trust those systems that have acquired properly approved NOC. It’s indeed a shriek of relief for the investors, and they feel that their investments are safe along with a high probability of gains shortly.
New City Paradise NOC
The No Objection Certificate( NOC) of New City Paradise is allegedly approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency( PHATA). The operation and inventors are seeking to meet all the conditions to acquire other applicable NOCs from the competent authorities. This is an nearly,000 Kanal casing society, and 4256 Kanal is formerly approved.
Tab City Rawalpindi NOC
The NOC of Tab City Rawalpindi is n’t approved yet and there’s no similar information with regard to its due blessings. still, the inventors might meet all the prerequisites of an approved casing society before or after launch.
Promising position
The high position matters a lot when it comes to the success of a casing society. Investors always invest in a design that possesses a supreme position accessible from multiple routes.
The high position of Tab City and New City are participated as below
New City Paradise Location
The position of New City Paradise is strategically located at GT Road, Burhan Interchange, and M- 1 Motorway. The access is further made easy with the help of the 250 bases wide main street within the society.
New City Paradise Charts

The high position is veritably important when it comes to the success of a real estate design.

New City Paradise Google Charts are easy to understand and give accurate directions.

All the investors looking to reach the design may also communicate https://mytree.pk/ .

New City Paradise Accessibilities
New City Paradise is quite an accessible casing design.

New City Paradise is accessible in the following ways
• Located at GT Road
• Nearly 10 min drive down from New City Wah
• Nearly 2 min drive down from M- 1 Motorway
• Nearly 22 min drive down from Quaid Avenue
• Nearly 25 min drive down from M- 2 Motorway
• Nearly 10 min drive down from Hazara Motorway
• Nearly 0 min drive down from Burhan Interchange
• Nearly 26 min drive down from Jhang Bahtar Road
• Nearly 36 min drive down from Thalian Interchange
• Nearly 20 min drive down from Islamabad International Airport
• Nearly 15 min drive down from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange
• Nearly 18 min drive down from Islamabad- Rawalpindi Interchange
New City Paradise near milestones & Places
New City Paradise is girdled by several near milestones & places
• New City Wah
• Islamabad
• Rawalpindi
• Kamra City
• Wah City
• Taxila City
• Wah Cantt
• POF Golf Club
• Hassan Abdal
• Wah Gardens
• M- 1 Motorway
• M- 2 Motorway
• New City Arcade
• Wah Model Town
• Burhan Interchange
• UET University Wah
• HITECH University Taxila
• Pakistan Ordinance Factory( POF) Wah
Tab City Rawalpindi Location
The position of Tab City Rawalpindi is allegedly made ideal by placing the design allegedly at GT Road near T- Chowk. It’s guaranteed that the position of New City paradise is much further promising than the Tab City.
Tab City Rawalpindi Charts

Tab City Rawalpindi is accessible from multiple routes in the neighboring areas.

Tab City Rawalpindi Accessibilities
Tab City Rawalpindi is quite an accessible design.

Tab City Rawalpindi is accessible in the following ways
• Located at GT Road near T- Chowk Rawat
• nearly 18 min drive down from Kahuta Road
• nearly 10 min drive down from Kallar Syedan Road
• nearly 5 min drive down from Rawat- Chakbeli Road
• nearly 11 min drive down from Islamabad Expressway
• nearly 51 min drive down from Islamabad International Airport
Tab City Rawalpindi near milestones & Places
Tab City Rawalpindi is girdled by several near milestones & places
• Islamabad
• Rawalpindi
• Kahuta
• Rawat
• Nilore
• Chakbeli
• Giga boardwalk
• Zeta 1 Mall
• DHA Islamabad
• Zaraj Housing Society
• Bahria Town Islamabad
• PAEC Employees Housing Society
World- Class Master Plan
The master plan is relatively important for investors because it shows the extent of the whole design and other necessary details. Anticipated the master plan of New City Paradise will be really a masterpiece than the Tab City Rawalpindi while offering a range of investment openings.
That’s why we’re participating anticipated details about the master plans of both of the society, as follows
New City Paradise Master Plan
The master plan that shows that the casing design is anticipated to be spread over nearly,000 Kanal is designed by a largely good platoon of experts with times of experience. The platoon includes engineers, masterminds, and city itineraries with moxie in city planning. All the primary and luxurious amenities are made part of the design.
The expert platoon is always in close collaboration with the advanced operation and possessors to exactly apply their vision.Mr. Saad Zaman is behind this visionary casing design. He’s a well- known reality in the real estate sector and proved his worth through his former systems.
New City Paradise Domestic Plots
New City Paradise is offering a range of domestic plots in different sizes, similar as follows
• New City Paradise 5 Marla plots
• New City Paradise 10 Marla plots
• New City Paradise 1 Kanal plots
New City Paradise Commercial Plots
New City Paradise is anticipated to be offering a range of marketable plots in different anticipated sizes, similar as follows
• New City Paradise 3 Marla plots
• New City Paradise 4 Marla plots
• New City Paradise 6 Marla plots
• New City Paradise 8 Marla plots
Tab City Rawalpindi Master Plan
The master plan of Tab City Rawalpindi isn’t participated at the moment, but as per originally anticipated details, the casing design will gauge over nearly 15000 Kanal land area. largely good experts, including engineers, masterminds, and city itineraries, are working on the design24/7 to meet the prospects of the investors. presently, the casing society has only participated information about Mustafa Blocks and plot details.
Tab City Domestic Plots
Tab City Mustafa Block is offering a range of domestic plots in different sizes, similar as follows
• Tab City 5 Marla plots
• Tab City 7 Marla plots
• Tab City 10 Marla plots
• Tab City 1 Kanal plots
Tab City Commercial Plots
Tab City is anticipated to be offering a range of marketable plots in different anticipated sizes, similar as follows
• Tab City 3 Marla plots
• Tab City 4 Marla plots
• Tab City 6 Marla plots

.Tab City 8 Marla plots
largely Affordable Payment Plans
The payment plans are considered to be the single most selling point of any casing society in the country. The prices count a lot when it comes to profitable investments.
The payment prices of both systems are participated below to give away a clear idea that New City Paradise is much further affordable than Tab City Pindi
New City Paradise Payment Plans

The payment plans of New City Paradise are relatively affordable with easy investiture schedules. The minimal prices and smallest inaugurations make it largely profitable. Indeed, investors with low investments could buy their plots in the design and earn big gains. The possessors and operation have paid special attention to keeping the prices at a minimum so that the maximum number of people could mileage of this investment occasion in Wah.
New City Paradise 5 Marla Plots for trade
• The total price is offered at Rs.
• The booking is offered atRs.,000
• The evidence quantum is offered atRs.,000
• 36 yearly instalments are offered atRs.,500
• 4 half-monthly balloon payments are offered atRs.,000
• Balloting payment is offered atRs.,000
• The allotment price is offered atRs.,000
New City Paradise 10 Marla Plots for trade
• The total price is offered at Rs.
• The booking is offered atRs.,750
• The evidence quantum is offered atRs.,750
• 36 yearly instalments are offered atRs.,425
• 4 half-monthly balloon payments are offered atRs.,800
• Balloting payment is offered atRs.,000
• The allotment price is offered atRs.,000
New City Paradise 1 Kanal Plots for trade
• The total price is offered at Rs.
• The booking is offered atRs.,750
• The evidence quantum is offered atRs.,750
• 36 yearly instalments are offered atRs.,150
• 4 half-monthly balloon payments are offered atRs.,275
• Balloting payment is offered atRs.,000
• The allotment price is offered atRs.,000
Tab City Rawalpindi Payment Plans

The payment plans of Tab City Rawalpindi aren’t that affordable compared to the New City paradise. The plots for trade in Tab City are open for reserving for some of the realtors. You can also communicate the sanctioned operation of the society to bespeak your domestic or marketable plot in the society.
Tab City Rawalpindi 5 Marla Plots for trade
• The total price is offered at Rs.
• The 20 down payment is offered atRs.,000
• 36 yearly inaugurations are offered atRs.,555
Tab City Rawalpindi 7 Marla Plots for trade
• The total price is offered at Rs.
• The 20 down payment is offered atRs.,000
• 36 yearly inaugurations are offered atRs.,444
Tab City Rawalpindi 10 Marla Plots for trade
• The total price is offered at Rs.
• The 20 down payment is offered atRs.,000
• 36 yearly inaugurations are offered atRs.,444
Tab City Rawalpindi 1 Kanal Plots for trade
• The total price is offered a tRs.
• The 20 down payment is offered at Rs.
• 36 yearly inaugurations are offered atRs.,222
Pros & Cons
Following are the anticipated Pros & Cons of the New City Paradise
Pros of New City Paradise and Tab City
Pros of New City Paradise Pros of Tab City
water Near Rawalpindi and suitable for the near investors
Peaceful/ healthy/ secure terrain
Surveillance systems, CCTV cameras & guards
veritably close to the central locales & other systems
Security system
Solid waste disposal medium
Cons of New City Paradise and Tab City
Cons of New City Paradise Cons of Tab City
Perception of far position High prices
No information about Master Plan
No information about the launch date
No information about the groundbreaking form
No information about the exact position
No information about the exact total land area
constantly Asked Questions( FAQs)
Following are the FAQs about New City Paradise
Q1 What’s New City Paradise, and how is it different from other systems?
Ans New City Paradise is amulti-purpose design designed and developed to offer a unique living experience to residers at affordable costs. A platoon of masterminds, engineers, and other staff with times of experience have put their full sweats into its development.
Q2 Is New City Paradise an approved and legal design?
Ans The NOC of the New City Paradise is approved by PHATA.
Q3 Is New City Paradise an affordable property design?
Ans Yes, there’s no mistrustfulness because of the easy New City Paradise investiture plans. The operation has played a pivotal part in balancing luxury and affordability.
Q4 Does New City Paradise has a eventuality for high investment return?
Ans Yes, because the New City Paradise payment schedule is affordable for families and small investors, adding the chance of high- yield investment returns.
Q5 What’s the current position chart of New City Paradise?
Ans New City Paradise is located at GT Road, conterminous to the M- 1 Motorway and Burhan Interchange. You can also check the live position or GPS position of the design from Google Charts.
Q6 Who are the inventors of the New City Paradise?
Ans New City Paradise is developed by real estate inventors of New City Wah. Civic inventors are well- honored among investors.
Q7 How to bespeak a property in New City Paradise?
Ans Following are the anticipated way to be followed to book a property in the New City Paradise Wah
1. communicate the salesman or My Tree and give all the necessary information
2. Select property size
3. Fill out all the particular information rightly
4. Data entry of the designee
5. Enter the payments
6. Genuine hand
Q8 What’s the New City Paradise head office contact number?
Ans Interrogate about the contact number of the Developers from My Tree.
Q9 What’s the way for New City Paradise shadowing?
Ans You can track your booking from New City Paradise sanctioned website or by reaching My Tree.
Q10 Would there be any cargo on late payments on plot booking in New City Paradise?
Ans All late payments might be subject to a cargo. It’s according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the booking form.
Q11 Who’s the proprietor of the New City Paradise?
Ans The inventors of New City Wah enjoy New City Paradise.
Q12 Is New City Paradise a good investment occasion?
Ans Yes, really, New City Paradise is the stylish investment occasion in Wah.
Q13 Is there an account number for New City Paradise?
Ans Yes, there’s a New City Paradise account number in which you can submit your payments.
Q14 Is New City Paradise Zameen profitable to buy?
Ans. Yes, in nonprofessional s terms, the Zameen of New City Paradise can bring you unconceivable gains.
Q15 What’s the New City Paradise helpline number?
Ans The contact number of New City Paradise could be inquired from the operation of My Tree.
Q16 What’s the New City Paradise address?
Ans New City Paradise, GT Road, Burhan Interchange, M- 1 Motorway.
Q17 What’s the rearmost update on New City Paradise 2023 payment plans?
Ans The rearmost update for the coming time will be participated soon.
Q18 Is New City Paradise and New City Wah having a junction?
Ans No, there’s no similar junction information at the moment.
Q19 Are New City Paradise and My Tree deals mates?
Ans Yes, https://mytree.pk/ and the inventors of New Paradise Wah are authorized deals mates of New City Paradise.
Q20 What are road sizes in New City Paradise?
Ans The roads are relatively wide, including 40 bases, 80 bases, 100 bases, 120 bases, 150 bases, 180 bases, and 250 bases.
Q21 Is it possible to visit the New City Paradise office?
Ans. Yes, you can visit the office of the New City Paradise.
Q22 What plot sizes are available in New City Paradise?
Ans. New City Paradise plot for trade is offered in different sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.
Q23 Did New City Paradise launch a new master plan?
Ans. Yes, New City Paradise ’ new master plan was launched with much further detail than the former bone .
Q24 Are New City Paradise plots on inaugurations available?
Ans. Yes, New City Paradise offers domestic and marketable plots with easy inaugurations.
Q25 Is New City Paradise approved by the CDA?
Ans. No, New City Paradise is approved by the PHATA, and soon it’ll also acquire blessing from RDA.
Q27 Is New City Paradise reserving open?
Ans. Yes, the booking of the New City Paradise is completely functional.
New City Paradise is a luxurious domestic and marketable design developing with just one end to give a world- class luxurious life to the residers. Luxurious installations, affordability, and ideal position are the main features of this design. The plots for trade could fluently be bought by reaching us. We can also give you with the New City Paradise account details.
So, https://mytree.pk/ largely recommends investments in New City Paradise as it’s a golden investment choice in the binary cities. However, please read about Al- Noor Orchard Lahore and Capital Smart City, if you want to know about other profitable real estate systems.

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